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IC Church Restoration Update!

Dear Parishioners and friends,

Works with the third phase of our Church building restoration will continue this coming Spring (2017), weather permitting. Most of the work at this time will be the restoration of the north tower domes (small domes), copper and wood surrounding the domes. The water has caused serious damage inside the north tower and choir loft. Aging windows around the north tower also need to be restored, and will be restored this coming Spring-Summer.

We also need to restore the half dome on the south side of our church (the half dome protects the painting of the Blessed Mother above the Sanctuary/Altar) - the Crown Jewel of our beautiful Church. We plan to restore it this coming summer if we have the finances necessary for the work to be accomplished.

In the near future work needs to be done on the East and West walls of our Church building (mostly on the exterior) to prevent water infiltration that causes damage to the walls. A better system to prevent “Sewer back up floods” in our Church and rectory basement is needed. Adjustment to the Church heating system to bring heat to the Church Choir loft is also necessary. After the north tower is restored our Bell system will need adjustment.

Due to additions to the Church building restoration project, our new cost estimate for the completion of this phase in our Church restoration is approximately $250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools heating system also needs urgent repairs, an upgrade in the Schools boiler system is scheduled for this spring.

Following the advice of the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church Executive Council approved by the Parish Pastor, we will continue the Restoration of our Church building one step at a time, every year we do as much as our finances allow us to.

I thank you for your support of our Restoration project, of your support to our Parish, our Parish Schools. We have accomplished great things in very difficult times; we will continue to do so. With faith and determination we will safeguard what we have received for future generations that is the mission given us by the Almighty.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to continue supporting our Church restoration project and the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools.

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